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Name: Iwao "Rock" Kyoujirou
Age: 17
Gender: Male
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Bio: Iwao Was Abandoned And Orphaned As A Child, Causing Him To Fend For Himself All His Life. Having Grown Up In The Streets, His Attitude Is Still Very Much Like That Of A Child, But Having Worked As A Mercenary For Many Noble Families, He Is Also Educated In Noble Teachings, But Usually Finds Them To Bothersome To Use. After Studying Different Families Skills And Techniques He Has Acquired, And Trained Himself In The Art Of Illusions, In Which He Is Highly Skilled. He Is Widely Known Among Many Noble Families For His Skills As A Mercenary, Causing Him To Repeatedly Get Hired.
Personality: Childish, Outgoing, Friendly, Tends To Treat All Girls Like Royalty , Also Loves Cute Girls, Sleeps Most Of The Time, Extremely Lazy.
Goals: To Find A Purpose
Rival: May Or May Not Have One
City: Ame
Year: 2nd

Memories In White - Clones Made From Illusions (Only 2)
Shadow Blend - Allows User To Blend Within Shadows
Daybreak Purge - Blinds The Enemy With A Bright Light (Can Be Used To Create Shadows As Well)

Stats: 300
Attack: 50
Defence: 50
Speed: 40
Stamina: 40
Weaponry: 30
Jutsu Strength: 50
Jutsu Control: 40
Chakra: 300