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Name: Misaki Aries Uzumaki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Bio: Misaki was born into one of the most flashest family's ever know. Thought she wasn't much into it. She just wants to live a normal life that isn't always in the spot light. Her family is also very well know and wealthy therefor she is heir to the fortune but she tries to turn it down but her father won't allow it. So she tries her best to lay low and not be noticed by the entire world.
Personality: Fun, Laid back, easy-going, Friendly and Lazy
Goals: to live the life she loves and love the life she lives
Rival:(may not have one yet or at all)
City: Ishi
Kage:(depends on village)
Sensei:(chosen by them)
Year: 2nd

Clan: Uzumaki
Dōjutsu: Just able to sense chakra in it's bodily form (like Karin from Naruto)

Clone Jutsu
Chakra dash- Multiplys the users speed for short periods using a burst of chakra.

Stats: 300
Attack: 35
Speed: 100
Stamina: 30
Weaponry: 20
Jutsu Strength: 40
Jutsu Control: 40
Chakra: 300