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Name: Riku Takumi
Age: 22
Gender: male
Bio: Riku is the older Takumi sibling, tasked with keeping his younger more troublesome sister, Midori, out of trouble has proved to be one challenge after another. He loves sleeping and relaxing when he can and hates having to get up and do his job. If his sister were not the Takumi heir he most likely would've left her to her own devices, stepping in only when it got too dangerous. Riku enjoys a good fight on occasion but would rather stay home. He has a secret love for knitting scarves and designing clothes. When not watching over his sister he loves to drink sake.
Personality: Kind to many people but very lazy to most things except his job and knitting.
Goals: Keep Midori out of trouble
Rival:(may not have one yet or at all)
City: Ame
Kage:(depends on village)

Clan: Takumi Clan
Dōjutsu: Able to see a person deepest dream/desire/fear

Acidic Revival- Acidic energy that is able to eat through most anything up to weak metals.
Green Wave- A wave of energy shoots out with enough force to knock back anyone in its path
Energy Binds- ropes made of his own energy

Stats: 500
Defence: 45
Stamina: 50
Weaponry: 110
Jutsu Strength:100
Jutsu Control: 100